Welcome to your very own songwriter's sandbox


There’s no wrong way to write a song. But there are a million right ways, and the best way to discover them is through practice and experimentation.

SongLab's online writing workshop is designed to help you do just that.

What can SongLab do for you?

SongLab provides a space for guided exploration, creative community, and amplified output.

Think of SongLab as your songwriter’s sandbox, where you can play freely with a toolbox of fresh writing concepts and practices alongside your songwriting peers.

In SongLab, we will:

  1. Offer you a toolbox of fresh writing concepts and practices.
  2. Provide you with weekly assignments that target essential skills, including: lyrics, melody & hooks, harmony & arrangement, collaboration, and production.
  3. Explore the alchemy and architecture of a well crafted song by dissecting current and historical examples.
  4. Sharpen your critical lens as you receive and provide feedback within a network of creative peers.
  5. Help nurture new creations from inspiration to finished product.
  6. Empower you to maximize your natural gifts and realize your own artistic vision effectively.
  7. Challenge you to finish more songs!

Who is SongLab for?

SongLab is precisely for YOU if:

  • You've ever started a song you didn't finish.
  • You've never written a song, but have this strange, nagging compulsion to write.
  • You play an instrument, but don't write lyrics.
  • You write lyrics, but don't sing.
  • You don't play an instrument, write lyrics, or sing.
  • You're looking for a creative kick in the pants to escape from an artistic rut.
  • You want to strengthen the aspects of songwriting you find challenging.
  • You're searching for a vibrant, supportive community of fellow creators who inspire (and dare) you to produce more (and better) work.

Who are we?

SongLab was created by a trio of professional musicians who love teaching and love writing and have done both professionally for most of the last decade. We've had the opportunity to present our work around the globe live and via the big screen, small screen, radio, and the theater (read more about us). In the process, we've learned how vital cultivating effective creative practices is to the life of the working musician. Our mission in SongLab is both to share our experience and continue discovering as part of the community.

Maybe you've been writing for years. Maybe you'd like to start. Anyone can grow from the creative practices that we'll cultivate here together.

JOIN US on this musical journey, and share your story as part of a vital ecology of ideas.



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